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Striking a Pose in Your Wedding Photos

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Your wedding day shouldn’t be spent worrying about how you’ll look in your wedding pictures. Here are some great tips on posing for your wedding photos so that you can feel confident that you’ll look your best.

Angle Your Body Just Right
Regardless of your body type, you’ll love the way you look in your wedding photos if you understand your best angles. The ideal angle for most photography subjects is a 45-degree angle to the camera. You should put most of your weight on your back foot, and hold the arm that is farthest from the camera behind your back. If you’re thin and want to maximize your appearance in your wedding pictures, you should turn your whole body to the camera and turn your head slightly to the side.

Draw Attention to Your Best Features
While you’re the only person who would notice anything negative about your appearance in your wedding photos, you and your wedding photographer can stage wedding pictures in such a way that they draw attention to your best features. If you love your eyes or smile, lean slightly towards the camera before the pictures is taken. If you’re self-conscious about your height, pose while seated, or try to avoid having any frames of reference for height in your wedding photos.

Ask Your Wedding Photographer to Count to Three
If your wedding photographer counts to three before taking any posed wedding photos of you, you’ll have time to relax and prepare. Before he snaps a photograph, breathe in and then out deeply with your eyes closed. Right before the count of three, open your eyes and smile. You’ll look natural and relaxed in the photograph.

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer serving St. Louis who will make sure that you look amazing in all of your wedding photos, come see our photography experts at Trotter Photo. We offer affordable, high-quality wedding photography and engagement photo packages, and a wedding photo booth rental. Call us today at (636) 394-7689 to discuss your wedding picture ideas.

Tips for Throwing a Memorable Party

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Everyone loves an excuse to celebrate, and a party is the perfect celebration. From the decorations, to the menu, to the party photographers, there are plenty of ways to ensure that your party will be an event to remember. As you begin party planning, check out these tips for throwing a memorable party.

Choose a Party Theme
Advertising a fun party theme on your event invite will make people feel excited and engaged. It will also make it even more fun to pose for the professional photographers. Think of a theme that encourages people to dress up in a creative way, but that isn’t too complicated or overwhelming for your guests. When you design your event invite, include costume ideas and suggestions to inspire your guests and help build anticipation for the event.

Hire a Professional Photographer
Even though everyone will be taking selfies and cell phone camera pics, you should hire a professional photographer for your party. You’ll get higher quality photographs, and a more complete memorialization of the fun. Best of all, your guests can check out the party photographs online after the event, and even order copies for themselves. This will guarantee that everyone will still be talking about how much fun they had even weeks after the party.

Consider a Photo Booth Rental
In addition to hiring a professional photographer, you should consider a photo booth rental. Party photo booths are novel, exciting, and incredibly popular. Give your party guests some props to pose with while they’re in the photo booth, and encourage them to share their photo booth pics online after the party. Your guests will have fun indulging their creativity and taking crazy, hilarious photographs.

At Trotter Photo, we can make your party memorable with our professional photography packages and photo booth rentals in St. Louis. Your guests will have a lasting memento of your party, and will be sure to tell everyone about what an amazing time they had. For more information about our professional photography services and photo booth rentals, call us today at (636) 394-7689.

How to Take Great Family Photos

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Family portraits and newborn photography give you the chance to memorialize key moments in your children’s lives. While it isn’t always easy to get your entire family to feel excited about a family picture session, it may be easier if you have some fun family portrait ideas.

When thinking of family portrait ideas, be sure to include your entire family in the planning process. That will make everyone feel engaged and enthusiastic. When you schedule your family photo shoot with a professional photographer, choose a time that is best for everyone. If you have young children, you’ll want the photographer to visit at the time that the kids are typically calmest and happiest. You don’t need to dress up for your family portrait; in fact, casual, candid backgrounds and attire make family pictures look more relaxed and natural.

If you’re interested in setting up a family portrait near St. Louis with a professional photographer, come see us at Trotter Photo. We can take family photos in your home, or at our photo studio, and we offer affordable family picture packages. Call us today at (636) 394-7689 to discuss your family portrait ideas.

How to Pick a Wedding Photographer

If you are planning a wedding, you are also going to need to find a wedding photographer serving St. Louis. Your wedding photos are what you will have to remember your wedding day. It is important to pick the right wedding photographer.

Watch this video for what you should look for when selecting the right photographer to capture your wedding. You will want to look at other weddings they have photographed to get a sense of what their work is like. You want to find a photographer who is able to capture the important moments of the day, not just photograph the bride and groom.

Are you ready to find the photographer right for your wedding? To see the work of Trotter Photo and samples of wedding photography in St. Louis, visit our website. For more information, call (636) 394-7689.

Your Wedding Photo Checklist

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Your wedding is a day you will want to remember forever. When planning your wedding in St. Louis, a wedding photographer will be able to capture your most cherished moments. On the day of your wedding, it can be hard to keep track of which photos you want to make sure are not missed. This article will give you a checklist that you and your photographer can go over before your big day.

Getting Ready
Many couples have two photographers, or will get ready at different times so they can have their photographer take shots of them both getting ready. Some classic photo options are pictures of the bridal gown on a hanger, the bridesmaids’ dresses, the rings, and the bride’s jewelry. You may also want photos of the bridal party applying make-up, bridesmaids assisting the bride in putting on the dress, and putting on the veil. The groom may want photos of him and his groomsmen putting on their ties.

The Ceremony
Must-have photos of the ceremony include guests arriving, the bridal party and family walking down the aisle, and the bride and her escort. During the ceremony, wedding photographers will capture the vows, the “I do’s,” and the kiss.

Before Reception
Before the reception, or before the ceremony, is an ideal time to get all of the necessary photographs of the bride and groom with family. Make a list with your wedding photographer of which family members you want to include.

The Reception
Before guests arrive, have your photographer take photos of the reception site, and include all the details that you’ve spent the past few months preparing. Have photos taken of the bride and groom entering, as well as the bridal party. Take pictures with guests, and of guests dancing. Many couples opt to have a photo booth for added fun and photo opportunities. Get photos of the first dances. Have your photographer take photos of the newlywed exit at the end of the night.

For more tips on creating your wedding photo checklist or information about wedding photography in St. Louis, contact Trotter Photo. To learn more, call (636) 394-7689 or visit our website.

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